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The geographical glossary in the WWW
 CARTOGRAPHY the art or practice of making charts or maps
 CLIMATOLOGY the science dealing with climates and climatic phenomena
 GEOLOGY the science dealing with the structure of the earth's crust and the formation and development of its various layers
 GEOMORPHOLOGY the study of the nature and history of landforms and the processes which create them
 GLACIOLOGY the science concerned with the formation of glaciers and icebergs and their action
 HYDROLOGY the science of water, its properties, distribution, phenomena, and laws
 PEDOLOGY/SOIL SCIENCE the study of soils
K. Weichert 09/2000-2005
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The geographical glossary contains terms from the world of geography in at present four languages: German, English, Norwegian and Dutch. The terms are sorted in categories, which can have sub-categories.

The glossary is still under construction! The aim ist to improve and enlarge the glossary permanently. At the moment the glossary contains more than 900 terms.

  • Have you noticed any mistakes?
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